Robot Process Automation (RPA)

Your applications are not linked to each other and have no or only a few interfaces that automatically enter the data flow into the system? This is where RPA comes in as an interim solution, because now you no longer have to wait for interfaces. Instead of assigning your employees to transfer data from A to B, you can assign them to more value-adding activities.

What does an RPA solution look like in concrete terms?

RPA tools can be used to create "software robots" that can mimic the individual process steps of your employees, taking over repetitive, monotonous and time-consuming tasks for them. With the help of the software robot, you can automate time-consuming processes such as report entry, data verification, the creation of customer data, or order processing, etc. and relieve your employees. By saving time, your employees can devote themselves to the value-adding core tasks of the company and thus offer increased added value for your company. By using software robots, your company can avoid shift work and staff absences due to illness and holidays.

This saves time, money and above all nerves!

With the help of RPA, you create a bridge between two application systems without necessarily having to go into interface development. We, Haider Solutions, have specialised in RPA technologies and have a broad know-how in dealing with the market leaders (Blue Prism, Ui Path, etc.).

Have we aroused your interest?

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